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 Yoga Classes- Summer Schedule



Our Instructor

Karen Romani holds an M.S. in Psychology, a 200 hour certification in Yoga therapy, is a Master Level Reiki practitioner, and a teacher of meditation. She has been helping others to balance the mind and body since 1996. Professional, certified, and insured.


6:30pm - 7:30 pm             Therapeutic Yoga


12:15pm - 1:00pm            Yoga for Lunch

6:00pm - 7:00pm              Therapeutic Yoga



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12:15pm - 1:00pm            Yoga for lunch

6:00pm - 7:00pm              Therapeutic Yoga



6:30pm - 7:30pm              Restorative Yoga & Reiki      


10:30am-11:30am            Therapeutic Yoga


12:00pm - 1:30pm            Yoga & Meditation


Class Description

Introduction to Yoga: Welcome yourself to the world of therapeutic yoga. Discover the healing power of breath work and therapeutic yoga postures.  A prerequisite for first timers to a yoga practice.

Yoga for Breakfast:   One hour class to begin w/deep morning stretch to wake you gently and get you ready for the work day. Appropriate for all levels.

Yoga for Lunch:  60 min. class to fit into your busy day! Release stress and tension from the first half of your workday in a yoga flow perfect for all levels.

Yoga for Dinner: One hour class to end your busy day with tailored yoga poses to address your body’s needs, to release stress and tension and above all to relax! 

Therapeutic Yoga: Yoga practice to prevent injury or illness, release stress and it’s negative effect on the body and mind, all levels welcome.

Expand your Practice:  An all level class for students who want to play with their practice at their level with a little extra; strengthening, balancing and inverting.

Restorative Yoga and Reiki: Gentle and supported postures, soft and meditative with hands on Japanese energy healing.  

Yoga/Meditation:  Tailored Yoga for each student present to benefit all. Last 1/2 hour is guided meditation: discover how to work with energy centers, release worry, and gain insight into our bodies and our behaviors.  Deeply relaxing and de-stressing!

*Only 6 students per class for quality yoga and personal attention.*

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*Please note that 2 hours before class if there are zero reservations, class is cancelled


Monthly Private Yoga Therapy Session in your home or office

$65 per month

12 monthly recurring payments

Single Yoga Class

$ 20 USD


1 Week Unlimited Yoga

$ 40 USD


  * Mcleod Wellness Center has a no refund policy for classes, readings, private sessions or workshops purchased.

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