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Yoga is now scientifically researched and is evidenced to reduce the physical effects of many conditions not limited to chronic pain, arthritis, brain trauma, and chronic illness.  It has also been evidenced to help maintain cardiovascular health, bone density, flexibility and respiratory health.  Using yoga as  preventative self care measure against illness and injury is also recommended as it promotes balance, coordination and builds the immune system.  

Let our experts guide you in cultivating your best efforts in self care through Yoga.


Karen Romani, Yoga instructor has been helping others balance mind and body through yoga for 19 years.  A skilled professional who is a Master Level Reiki practitioner, is certified in Yoga Therapy and currently working on her Ph.D.  Karen holds a Master’s of Science in Psychology.

Karen is passionate about teaching yoga and feels that the benefits of yoga are for everyone at any age or skill level.   She is especially passionate about the recuperative qualities of Yoga Therapy and the balancing of both body and mind.   

Yoga Therapy is taught in small semi-private classes to maximize the relaxing therapeutic benefits.  Ms. Romani is also available for private yoga sessions. 

Professional, certified, and insured.

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Rachel Ramirez graduated from UNLV with her MS in Community Mental Health counseling in 2012. She is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor as well as a Clinical Professional Counselor, Intern in the state of Nevada. Rachel received her teacher certification in 2014 from Rishikesh, India.   Her focus on health and well-being using yoga and therapy is a perfect addition to Mcleod Wellness Center.