MWC will close its doors permanently September 29th 2015

Thank you for nearly three great years!

You may continue your practice by working privately with Karen!

Book your monthly Private Therapeutic Yoga session in your home, workplace or office!

Single Private Yoga Therapy session

$ 70 USD

1 to 1 1/2 hour Private Yoga Therapy seonession in your home or office.  Yoga, meditation and Reiki are combined to fit your needs and address any issues, challenges or to meet any goals.  Appointments are arranged by phone, text or email.  

No refunds or reschedules for cancellations without 24 hours notice


Yoga is one of the most accessible and effective tools to for mind/body wellness. By utilizing traditional and cutting edge modalities such as yoga, meditation, and Reiki, you can prevent or address chronic illnesses, pain and stress.  With a regular yoga practice and a healthy lifestyle you can reduce stress, diminish the aging process and promote longevity.




• Private Yoga Therapy Practice

• Meditation/Mindfulness Training

• Reiki Healing

 Life Coaching Consultation  



• Alleviate physiological effects from stress

• Encourage hormonal balance

• Improve sleep



In the comfort of your own home

• Energize your surroundings







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